Popular methods of promoting a telegram channel

How to gain subscribers on Telegram? Review of popular promotion methods. Telegram is a messenger that also serves as a full-fledged social network. However, gaining subscribers on Telegram is not so easy; the popularity of the channel very much depends on the chosen niche.

Haven't chosen a blog topic yet? Check out our selection of the best ideas for a Telegram channel. And when the channel is properly designed (avatar, catchy name and at least 10-15 quality posts), think about methods for promoting it.

The most popular ways to attract subscribers are:

1. Registration of the channel in the catalog;

2. Increase subscribers on the Telegram channel;

3. Mutual PR (when you advertise another channel for free);

4. Adding contacts;

5. Buying advertising on another channel;

6. Links to the channel in other social networks.

It is clear that each of these options will bring different results. Let's find out which methods you can safely use for promotion, and which ones are not worth your attention and time.

Registering a channel in the directory

Each article about promotion will definitely tell you: to gain subscribers on Telegram, just start adding your channel to all known directories. Since there are no algorithms that show your posts to those who don't follow you, it can be difficult to get the attention of many people.

A directory is a site that groups channels according to their topic, rating and number of subscribers. Users see basic information about the channel and can join any of them.

Disadvantages of this method:

This option does not guarantee you stable growth. Moreover, the number of new subscribers will be quite low. However, we recommend adding your TG channel to 2-3 directories just for the sake of being on the lists.

Cheating subscribers on the Telegram channel

This is the first thing that comes to mind for every new blogger. All promotion problems can be solved if you simply buy Telegram subscribers. So? And this is a really great idea.

You can order promotion services and get subscribers from different countries, views on posts, reactions to publications, random comments in several languages, and even votes in polls. Prosmmtop offers you a modern approach to promotion - our services improve visible statistics and make the channel attractive to potential subscribers.

Disadvantages of this method:

Real work and original content are still required. Use the SMM panel only as an additional tool for your promotion. You won’t be able to become popular just by cheating.

Mutual PR

At any stage of your blogger career, you can promote your Telegram channel by doing mutual PR. Essentially, it's free advertising. How does it work? You find a similar channel (same niche and approximately the same number of subscribers) and negotiate with its owner about mutual PR. As a result, part of his audience switches to your channel, and vice versa.

Disadvantages of this method:

For beginners, this method is practically unrealistic - few people will want to advertise empty channels with 30 subscribers. To become more attractive to potential PR partners, you should first work on filling your channel and buy subscribers on Telegram.

In addition, for mutual PR you will spend a lot of time searching, communicating with the owner and discussing advertising details. Sometimes the result is not worth the effort.

Adding contacts is the riskiest way to gain subscribers on Telegram

This is not the best way to attract an audience. As the owner of the channel, you can add Telegram users from your address book to the group. This will not bring you as many users as getting subscribers on your Telegram channel and other promotion methods, but some of your friends and colleagues may be interested in what you are doing.

Disadvantages of this method:

Irritated users can click the “Report” button, and the messenger will block you. A better approach in this case is to send people a link (the name of your channel) in private messages. Those who are genuinely interested in your work will happily subscribe.

Paid promotion in other channels

This works the same way as mutual PR, but with one difference: you pay the other person to post in their group. Despite the high price and low guarantee, this is still one of the most popular ways to gain subscribers on Telegram.

Disadvantages of this method:

In terms of one subscriber, it will be more expensive than buying Telegram subscribers. There is no guarantee: for example, advertising may be poorly made or removed after a couple of hours. Also, if the channel where you are advertising is quite popular, the owner can set a hefty price tag for advertising.

Links to your channel on other social networks

This method will work if your Instagram, YouTube, Twitter accounts are popular. Constantly remind people to visit your Telegram channel and encourage subscribe them.

One of the main secrets is to offer unique content that they won’t find anywhere else, specifically on Telegram. This could be additional information, discounts, or content that cannot be shared on other platforms. This way you can gain subscribers on Telegram with almost no effort.

Disadvantages of this method:

People might get bored if you start mentioning your Telegram channel all the time. After all, no one wants to see repetitive content and self-promotion 24/7.

For people who are starting from scratch and do not have a large audience on other social networks, this approach is absolutely useless. It is easier for owners of such channels to buy Telegram subscribers in order to improve their statistics.

No matter how much your channel has grown, remember that gaining subscribers on your Telegram channel will only bring you benefits. Prosmmtop will help you improve the main parameters - attract new members, add views, reactions and votes to posts. However, without real work and unique content, you will not be able to gain subscribers on Telegram and attract real users. An SMM panel can act as an auxiliary tool, but the main focus should always be on the information being published and its value.