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How to become a premium Telegram member and enable stories on your channel

Telegram has released a major update to celebrate its 10th anniversary, but not everyone seems to like it. Although the changes in the messenger did not have a big impact on ordinary users, they had a negative impact on content creators. Due to the new features, mass hysteria has literally started on the network: channel owners are looking for ways to get premium Telegram members.

As the creators of the messenger explain, premium accounts will play an important role in promoting channels. This means that growing a blog will become more difficult, and if you want to attract new users, you will have to attract more readers through paid subscriptions. In this article, we will look at the current promotion rules and tell you where you can get a premium Telegram account.

New Telegram features in 2023: stories, search engine optimization

The Stories feature was introduced to users this summer and apparently turned out to be so successful and popular that the creators of the messenger decided to allow channels to also publish Stories. However, don't rush to check if this new feature is available. It is not enabled by default. This is the first reason to buy a premium subscription to Telegram. Premium subscribers will enable the new feature and help you publish Stories on behalf of your channel.

But even if they are finally able to publish their first stories, there is another important change that channel owners cannot ignore: the growth of all public blogs on Telegram now depends solely on premium accounts. As the CEO of the messenger explained, premium registration for search and presence on blogs improves their position and ranking in search. All these additions have already caused a lot of problems for thousands of bloggers.

Big problem for channel owners: new promotion rules

After all, premium accounts are hard to find, and, worst of all, they are aware of their privileged position and are in no hurry to help the channel. It's normal for users to be picky. If there is a huge selection of blogs, they have the right to join and support the blog that they like best. On the other hand, only large and influential channels will benefit from this update, while the rest will be left wondering how to get premium Telegram members.

The situation many content producers and channel owners find themselves in is not an easy one. They were already struggling with promoting their Telegram channels (creating bright and unique posts, finding the right tone of voice, etc.). Now, thanks to a new update, a new problem has been added to their list. However, solutions and answers to it already exist, and inexpensive SMM providers can help with this difficult task.

How to attract premium Telegram members to promote your blog

It is obvious that the new rules distract people's attention from the main task - creating excellent content for a loyal audience - and all their energy and time are spent on finding subscribers with paid accounts. The main point of blogging seems to be lost. If you don't want to lose quality content and are worried about premium subscriptions, on the SMM panel you can get all the new services for your channel at a lower price.

Prosmmtop offers a wide range of quality services with a premium account:

- Premium subscriptions for search on your blog (only without drop-down windows) Improving the position of your channel in search;

- a selection of positive and negative reviews from premium users (all with avatars);

- Publication of views from users with a paid subscription;

- Boost (voting) to enable the "Stories" function.

With our service, you can forget about new problems associated with blog development and instead focus on content and communication with your audience. Leave the hard work of promotion to us and you'll quickly notice improvements in your Telegram feed. Visit our website, create an account and start promoting.

How promotion works on Telegram

By default, each channel starts from zero. Even if you purchase premium Telegram members by the hundreds, you will not be able to post stories. To unlock this feature, channels must collect bonuses (or votes). To advance to the next level, each channel must collect a unique number of votes. It depends on the number of channel subscribers. 0.1% of premium users can achieve this change.

However, everything is not so simple, and there are several pitfalls here

1. Any voice moves to another channel the next day. If the required criteria are not met by this time, the vote will be lost.

2. Each subscriber can vote only once a day. For example, if a subscriber votes for channel A, he cannot vote for any other channel for the next 24 hours.

3. Each subscriber can vote only once. To get the required number of boosts, you need unique premium subscribers who can vote for your blog using a special link.

Although this may seem complicated, and not many channel owners want to talk with the risk of waiting for organic votes to move to the next level, buy a Telegram boost and without unnecessary fuss and waste of time, easily enable the coveted Stories feature.

Inexpensive premium service for your Telegram channel

Using SMM services to grow on social media has proven successful in the past, and new options, including premium accounts, are more complex but no less effective. Yes, you may have to budget a little more, but it will pay off in the long run. Bringing your channel to the top of search rankings and buying boosts will free up a lot of time, which could be spent on creating another interesting article. And the low price of our SMM panel will work for you and take your channel to a new level.

As the creators of Telegram told us, in the future boosts will help you unlock other channel features (custom reactions, statuses with emojis, custom backgrounds, etc.). These boosts will be available in other ways as well.

Conclusion: Telegram growth due to premium accounts

The trend of fighting for users through paid subscriptions will continue. Many content creators are unhappy about having to comply with the new rules. After all, this essentially means losing months or years of progress and starting to promote your channels from scratch. While new features may be useful for smaller channels, large blog owners are turning to cheaper SMM services.

Whether you need to improve your search rankings or enable a stories feature and see how your followers react, Prosmmtop can help you achieve your goals. You can get a premium account for your blog, buy Telegram boosts for publishing in Stories and publish views and reactions.