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How to promote your Telegram channel using SMM panels: seven rules

Telegram channels are a great alternative to metasocial networks such as Instagram and YouTube. However, when blogging on Telegram, you will quickly realize that everything is different here.


Even if you work hard to create content and provide truly valuable information, people will not subscribe to your channel. Channel owners mistakenly believe that people will magically find their blog. This does not work. The first thing you need to do is buy a Telegram membership and post opinions and reactions. If your channel appears active, more people will click “Join.”


And of course, if you want to grow your audience and get more organic activity on your posts, follow these seven rules


Work on each hook before posting.


Channels and chats appear in one feed, and people only see the first part of the post. In the case of chat, this is the first sentence. In the case of a feed, this is the title. Whether those first few words grab the user's attention or not will determine your audience reach. If a person sees something shocking, exciting and intriguing, his brain will forget about everything and order its owner to immediately go and find out what is hidden behind that hook. They will re-read the title every time and ask themselves.


In short, the first rule of successful Telegram channels is short, clear and memorable titles. However, don't fool people with clickbait. All hooks must correspond to the content of the post. Otherwise, users will feel deceived and will only grow in SMM panels of social networks.


Consider the needs and interests of your target audience.


Any channel can be created for a specific group, such as movie lovers, cat owners, Spanish language learners, etc. It doesn't matter what you want to talk about - sports, knitting, psychology, macroeconomics, etc. Whatever there was a topic, there will be readers willing to spend time to get truly valuable information. If you start to deviate even slightly from your niche, a lot of confusion will arise and people will start asking themselves, “Why am I seeing this?”


Some channel owners cannot maintain their professionalism on Telegram and mix too much professional and personal. Even if you have a strong base of channel members and SMM subscribers, the organic reaction to off-topic posts may be less. Of course, it's good to test the waters by introducing new topics from time to time, but be prepared to dramatically increase engagement on your reseller's SMM panel if the experiment doesn't work.


Don't Google your blog.


Millions of adults and educated people know how to use Google when they need information. They follow the news and watch bloggers, so they know the basics. What are they looking for in a Telegram channel?


- Latest news on their chosen topic

- Expert opinion

- analysis

- Predictions.

- Reviews.


If the value of your feed is no more than what they get from search engines, they will have no reason to continue subscribing to your blog. If you provide quality information, users will be happy to join your channel and recommend it to others. All you need to do is get more post views and reactions from cheap SMM service panels to show newbies how popular your blog is.


Forget about long sentences.


Long stories and grandiose descriptions take up too much of your audience's precious time. The current social media trend is to write short, to-the-point posts: try to fit all your wisdom, advice and thoughts into a post of no more than 1,000 words. Users usually have time to write a telegram on the way to work and do not want to miss a stop or signal for social networks.


If your audience is not reacting or commenting, you can change the situation with a cheap and reliable SMM social media panel. Give real users time to get to know you and your channel better, and continue to publish quality posts for them.


Don't overload your audience with information.


Even quality content can become boring and dull if you give your audience information every day, multiple times a day. Many bloggers don't know how many posts per week they need to publish to be interesting. In fact, depending on the niche, it is quite normal for the Telegram feed to publish 2-3 quality articles per week. However, for things that change daily (news, economy, trade, etc.), you need to update the information daily.


If you notice that your followers have stopped responding to your posts, use SMM Reseller Panel to increase blog engagement - Prosmmtop is a great way to make your blog visually pleasing, with cheap reactions, comments and even channel members. You can buy.


Post only relevant jokes and memes.


The content of the channel should always correspond to its name. Off opinions can negatively affect the mood of users - and as you know, the cost of mistakes in Telegram is higher than in other social networks. So if you add jokes or memes to your channel to amuse your audience, make sure they are relevant to your niche.


Generally, if you have a sense of humor, the audience's attitude towards your channel and your personality as a blogger will improve once you start posting jokes. However, if memes are getting less engagement than other types of posts, increase engagement on your site.


Stay connected with your channel members.


Working on content is the biggest part of a blogger's job, but connecting with your audience can strengthen your relationship. In addition to posting content on your channel, you should not only actively participate in comments, but also create FAQ posts and republish user responses. Silence always has a negative effect. People may get the impression that their opinions and issues are not important. If they are ignored, why are such channels needed?


Successful Telegram channels are not only about high-quality and interesting content. It is also about communicating with the audience and creating viral content. And, of course, if you buy subscribers on Telegram, your channel will grow faster.