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6 ways to attract the attention of subscribers to your Telegram channel

If you constantly post the same thing on social media, users will eventually get bored. As a result, engagement will decrease. To avoid this situation: increase the number of SMM subscribers and increase the number of views on your posts. This is one of the options. You can also focus on your content and keep your audience interested. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to increase your statistics on Telegram.


First, if your Telegram channel's subscriber count seems to be decreasing, you need to reconsider the content you're posting. Users of this social network have high demands on the quality of information, so do not hesitate before clicking the "Unsubscribe" button. Without quality content, real users will consider your channel mediocre.


So here are six tips to help you keep the attention of real users and turn them into loyal viewers.


Present your content over a specific period of time


Consider your blog a reflection of your life. And just as your life is filled with periods of growth and change, your feed can change too. This period is a key turning point for you and the key to your blog promotion strategy. If users are not interested in changing your blog, use SMM providers to get more views, reactions and comments on your posts.


Any period of time consists of three stages: excitement, adaptation and attenuation. This is why you need to fully demonstrate this cycle to keep your audience engaged. One of the benefits of building a marketing strategy through these periods is that you don't have to pretend that the topic you're talking about is interesting, because it always is. However, even the most interesting content can bore people if it is not emotional enough. This is the second tip.


Add emotion to what you do


According to emotion theory, people are most interested in products, news, blogs, and publications that evoke emotions in them, both positive and negative. In other words, adding emotion to your post will evoke emotion in your readers. And this, as you know, significantly affects the number of reposts, reactions and comments.


It is important for bloggers to evoke not only good emotions in their subscribers, but also a whole range of emotions. If a brand or blogger removes 1-2 emotions from his content, he automatically loses part of his audience. For example, think about the last time you unfollowed someone. Everything was rainbows and unicorns for this man. A good blogger creates an emotional hurricane with his posts. They also buy Telegram members. How else are they going to grab people's attention and get them to check out their channel?


Building trust among SMM followers


If you still don't believe in the power of cheap SMM services, ask yourself. A user with 100 readers on his channel and impressive statistics. I hope you understand how important it is to grow your account with cheap services.


Fortunately, social networking services are constantly improving and becoming cheaper. So even if you are just starting your blogging career, you can still afford views of Telegram posts, reactions, participation in a channel without views and other actions. Visit our website today and stop delaying your growth.


Stick to what you really like.


The topic of your channel can be broad, narrow or trending. (a) you like what you write about, and (b) you are an expert in the topic or niche or want to learn more about it. There is nothing worse than a blogger who doesn't love and isn't interested in what he does. In this case, even SMM service providers will not be able to save such bloggers from failure.


Here are some points to consider when choosing a topic/niche for your Telegram channel


- Wide subject matter. This option allows you to quickly gather a large audience. However, the interaction of these subscribers may be minimal - not everyone will actively participate.

- Narrow topics. For example, movie quotes, python tips, interior design, DIY, etc. This is counterproductive compared to broader topics. But on the other hand, most people are very interested in what you do, and the level of interaction is high.

- Trends and hot topics. These are usually breaking news or discussions about long-standing conflicts or world events. The only downside is that such topics are short-lived - over time, the hype subsides, and fewer and fewer people come to your channel.


Don't try to promote an empty channel


Before you attract new people to your channel, you need to find a channel. People won't join your blog if there are no posts and little to no activity. Therefore, try to find SMM subscribers before writing posts. Step two is to add 15-20 quality posts so that new people can scroll through the feed and learn more about what you do. Don't forget to buy views and reactions on your Telegram posts.


Just like you wouldn't buy a blank newspaper or a book with a cool title and blurb, the same goes for your blog. Why your audience should subscribe to receive information on topics that interest them.


Plan your posting time in advance


There are many nuances here, but at the initial stage, be sure to follow two basic rules for proper time planning


1. Minimize evening content. It's best to refrain from posting late at night, especially if you usually share serious and important content. Users don't want to be bothered, so if it's too annoying, they'll likely turn off notifications and stop opening their feed.

2. Informative content in the morning and entertaining posts in the evening. Analysis, long reviews and long stories attract readers in the morning. Memes, polls, entertaining and exciting posts are left at night when the users’ brains are resting.


Work on improving your channels every day and you will notice the difference. For more social media marketing tips, visit our blog. And don’t forget to read about our inexpensive SMM service, which can save even the most desperate Telegram channels.